New Projects


NSF CPS: Synergy: Event-Based Information Acquisition, Learning, and Control in High-Dimensional Cyber-Physical Systems

Current Projects


NSF Career: Secure and Robust Control of Cyber Physical Systems

NSF CPS:  The CyberPhysical Challenges of Transient Stability and Security in Power Grids

NSF Models, Metrics, and Control Strategies for Efficient Data Centers

TRUST:  Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology – NSF Science and Technology Center: and

Past Projects

Berkman Fund:

CyLab ARO:

NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium

NSF Northeast Conrol Workshop (NECW2009)

Northrop Grumman Consortium on Security of CPS

ONR: Nonlinear Modeling and Control of Smart Valves

PITA:  Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance:

Other Professional Activities

Beyond SCADA: Networked Embedded Control Systems Telecom Italia/TRUST Workgroup

Heterogeneous Sensor Networks/HSN Research

Embedded Systems and Secure Sensor Networks Telecom Italia/TRUST Workgroup